Teror, Canarias, Spain

Nun Bakery and Wax Limbs

teror spain nun bakery

While staying in Teror, Canarias, Spain we visited a catholic church where from 4-5pm you could knock on a window and tell the nuns you'd like to purchase cookies. They would spin the wall around and show you your selection, you would leave the proper amount of money on the turntable and they would spin it back around and the cookies would be in the bag. We enjoyed the almond cookies outside the church during mass. We sat through some as Peaches loves the churches, the fancy gold, the paintings and the music but we didn't make it through the whole service. 
There is a market on the streets outside where you can purchase wax body parts to leave at the alter to hope for healing. The kids found this fascinating, Pops wanted to buy some and bring them home for everyone in her class, however, they all stayed in Teror.

nun bakery teror spain
teror nun bakery spain
wax limbs teror spain