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Otres Orchid

We left Siem Reap and flew south to Sihanoukville, where we stayed in Otres. Its basically a red dirt path a few miles long that runs along the beach. The road is full of trash, and directly behind it is full on construction. The Chinese have bought up the Cambodian coastline and are aiming to build up bigger than Las Vegas. We were about the only people there. The beach is nice, but Yaz and I were never comfortable in our bikinis. The Khmer men would constantly come up and try to take photos of us on their phones. Our bungalow here had just fans and mosquito nets, which allows for very little breeze. 
The morning we were set to leave for the island, Dayne started throwing up. I was nervous to get on a boat and head to an island without power and running water with a sick kid. We decided to head out, and thought we had a private boat for the one hour journey, but ended up on a island snorkel tour full of loud, smoking, Chinese men. Poor D made it through the heat and rolling waves. Yaz and I got sick the next day, and I cannot believe he was such a good sport about it.

Otres Beach Sihanookville
Otres Orchid Beach Bungalow
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